How accurate and efficient is Turning and milling compound CNC lathe when processing complex curved surfaces?

Publish Time: 2024-05-07
When processing complex curved surfaces, Turning and milling compound CNC lathe has the following characteristics, which affect its accuracy and efficiency:


CNC system precision: Turning and milling compound CNC lathe is controlled by a CNC system, which can achieve high-precision processing and ensure the geometric shape and dimensional accuracy of the processed curved surface.

Stability: The machine tool structure is stable, and the movement of each axis is precisely controlled through the CNC system, which can reduce vibration and deformation and help maintain processing accuracy.


Multifunctional processing: Turning and milling compound CNC lathe has the dual functions of a lathe and a milling machine. It can complete multiple processing operations such as turning and milling on the same machine tool, reducing the time for workpiece replacement and adjustment, and improving production efficiency.

Intelligent processing: The CNC system makes the processing process highly automated and can realize functions such as automatic tool change and automatic measurement, saving labor costs and processing time, and improving processing efficiency.

Optimized processing strategy: The CNC system can optimize the processing path and cutting parameters based on the complexity and material properties of the processed surface, improving processing efficiency and workpiece surface quality.

In summary, Turning and milling compound CNC lathe has high accuracy and efficiency when processing complex curved surfaces. Through the precise control and intelligent processing functions of the CNC system, it can meet the needs of modern manufacturing that require high workpiece precision and fast processing efficiency.

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